Top 8 Best Durostar Portable Generators Reviews 2022

DurostarPortable GeneratorsEver suffered from electrical failure in your area? The problems and inconvenience it causes?  Especially if you’re living in an underdeveloped country, power outages occur quite often.

Living in a country suffering from economic instability, we don’t know when the power will go off and hinder our work. Or disturb the lifestyle we’re living.

It can literally leave us caught in the dark. So, how to deal with it? Buying an electrical generator, which is also portable, will ameliorate our lives in many ways.

Sometimes there can be an electrical outage for hours making one’s life miserable. It is necessary to have a generator at your workplace to not get interrupted due to power dimout.  Durostar high powered generators will assist you in keeping the vital devices running.

DS4000E is one of the best choices because it is user-friendly, portable, and affordable as well. It’s compact and has all the essential features. It packs a lot of power for its size, which makes it ideal to use.

Durostar is well known for its product’s durability and toughness. These generators are not only easy to use; they are also they will last for a very long time. Turning it onis quite easy with the EZ-pull recoil starter.

It has a fuel gauge that will keep you updated with the level of gas remaining in it. And the voltage meter allows you to see the power output. The muffler system in it reduces the noise it produces up to 69 decibels. Durostar generator’s overall review is great.

In this article, we’ll discuss various types of durostar generators that are available in the market.


DuroStar DS1050 1050-Watt 2-Hp Gas Powered Portable Generator
(Editor’s Choice)
DuroStar DS4400 3500 Watts Gas Powered Portable Generator
DuroStar DS4000WGE, 3500 Watts Gas Powered Portable Generator
Durostar DS4400E Gas Powered Electric Start Portable Generator
DuroStar DS5500EH 5500-Watt Electric Start Dual Fuel Hybrid Portable Generator
Durostar DS10000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator
Durostar DS10000E Gas Powered Portable Generator
DuroStar DS4000S Gas Powered 4000 Watt Portable Generator RV Camping Standby


1. DuroStar DS1050 1050-Watt 2-Hp Gas Powered Portable Generator

DuroStar DS1050 1050-Watt 2-Hp Air Cooled Gas Powered Portable GeneratorDurostar gas-powered portable Generator is one of the most affordable generators. And it is perfect to use for household purposes. It’s running wattage of 950 watts. And it can reach up to the peak level of 1050 watts. Its fuel tank capacity is 1.06 gallons.

The voltage it requires to run your household appliances is 120 volts. It’s also very lightweight for easy transport purposes, as it only weighs 39 lbs. It has a fuel-efficient motor that allows it to run for more than 6 hours. And it’s compact design is quite attractive as well.

Quick features:

  • Lightweight: this Generator weighs only 39 lbs, which makes it lightweight and very easy to carry. You can transport it from place to place without any problem. It’s easy to take it with you for camping or to your workplace.
  • E-Z Pull Recoil: as obvious from its name, the E-Z pull recoil allows you to start the Generator easily. This Generator is user-friendly and doesn’t require much force or tries to startup.
  • Efficient: this Generator is very efficient, and it uses the oil accurately,which means less loss of fuel. It saves your money and runs for 6 hours straight.
  • Low oil shutoff: this system protects the engine from any damage by automatically shutting off when it has low oil. And it has 50 state emissions ratings aswell, making it safer to use.
  • Spark arrester muffler: it has this muffler, which prevents any spark from destroying the equipment. The muffler makes this Generator safe to use and protects from any damage.
  • Powerful motor: the durostar Generator provides us with powerful 2HP motors. They are durable as well and run for a long time.
  • Voltage: it has 120 volts household outlets, which helps to power the appliances in your house.
  • Warranty: this Generator comes with a 1-year warranty. A manual is also given to give you instructions for using it.
  • Lightweight
  • Efficient
  • Durable
  • Low oil shut off
  • User-friendly
  • Only 1-year warranty



2. DuroStar DS4400 3500 Watts Gas Powered Portable Generator

DuroStar DS4400 3500 Running Watts 4400 Starting Watts Gas Powered Portable GeneratorDurostar DS4400 is a high power product with the running watts of 3500. It is very affordable, as well. You don’t have to fear power disruption with it. It has enough volts to supply home appliances. And with its wheel, it becomes portable aswell. You can take the Generator anywhere and use it as needed.

This model is also quite easy to use and efficient. It has a manual pull to start it and its economical to use. For starting the equipment, the power of 4400 watts is required. Once it starts, it has 3500 running watts power.

It is very durable and has a noise damper, which makes it extremely quiet and minimizes the noise level. Your neighbors won’t even know if your Generator is working or not.

Quick features:

  • Size: this Generator is small in size, measuring only 20 x 27 x 22 inches and weighs only 90 pounds. Its size makes it quite easy to move
  • Portable: Durostar DS4400 generator comes with an optional wheel kit, which can help to move the Generator easily from place to place, and it becomes easily portable due to it.
  • Noise level: this Generator is so quiet when it’s working that your neighbors won’t even know about it. And its noise reaches up to 69 decibels maximum.
  • Start type: it starts with a manual pull, which is fine because of the budget. It’s affordable, and the manual pull isn’t hard aswell.
  • Durable: durostar’s all products durable, and DS4400 also comes with great durability and warranty. It will last longer than you expect.
  • Runtime: it has a 4-gallon fuel tank, which allows it to carry enough fuel for running longer than 8 hours. This is enough time to save you during a power outage.
  • Fuel gauge: the fuel gauge helps to measure the fuel left in the tank of Generator. With this feature, you’ll know when you are running out of gas in your Generator.
  • Low oil shutoff sensor: this sensor helps to protect your Generator from any damage. The engine shuts off immediately when the oil or gas in the Generator is too low.
  • Fairly quiet
  • Easy to start
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Circuit breaker present
  • Oil gauge present
  • Not CARB approved
  • Only one year warranty



3. DuroStar DS4000WGE 3500 Watts Gas Powered Portable Generator

DuroStar DS4000WGE 3500 Running Watts 4000 Starting Watts Gas Powered Portable Generator with 210 Amp Welder ComboAre you tired of using the generators with manual starts? Then durostar provides you with a DS4000WGE model that has an electric startup. And it is also affordable and durable. It is a portable generator with a 210 amp welder combo.

It has the starting or peak watts of 4000, and it comes with 3500 running watts, which makes it ideal to use. It can continuously run for 8 hours, and it is quite efficient as well.

The best thing about durostar generators is that it doesn’t make a lot of noise and doesn’t exceed the limit of 69 decibels. DS4000 WGE is EPA certified as well as CARB certified. It is safe to use and makes your life convenient.

Quick features:

  • Size: its size isn’t too large but not too small as well. Its dimensions are 24″ L x 17″ W x 17″ H and it weighs 127 lbs.
  • Plenty of Power: it has plenty of power in it to supply to the equipment that is attached to it. It has an overall 4000 watts that can be generated.
  • Low Oil Shutoff: when the engine has low oil in it, the engine shuts off automatically, and it protects your device from any damage.
  • Power Panel: it has a fully-featured power panel. It has a current adjustment from 50 amp to 210 amp. It also has three 120 volts power outlets. And a 12-volt direct current battery charger.
  • 16 HP Engine: it has a powerful 16 HP engine, which allows it to run many household equipments simultaneously. The high power appliances can also be connected to it.
  • Noise level: it doesn’t let the noise level to increase more than 69 decibels, making it quieter than expected. Durostar takes care of the noise issue quite effectively.
  • Durable: durostar makes pretty durable products and allows you to keep it for aa long time. It also saves your money from buying new generators now and then.
  • Durable
  • Powerful engine
  • Fully featured power panel
  • Complies with emissions standards
  • Easy to start
  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Only one year warranty



4. Durostar DS4400E Gas Powered Electric Start Portable Generator

Durostar DS4400E Gas Powered Electric Start Portable GeneratorDurostar DS4400E is an electric start generator as prominent from its name. It is also easily portable.This Generator can be used endlessly, from home’s standby power, Job sites to camping sites on weekends.

It is equipped with AC and DC regulators, spark arrestors, and noise mufflers. It also has a low oil protection gauge that helps to keep it safe when the oil or gas is low in its tank. It also has the running watts of 3500, and it can reach up to the peak wattage of 4000.

Its fuel tank capacity is 4 gallons. And it is EPA and CARB approved, which makes it safe to use. Its maximum run time is 8 hours for which it can work quite efficiently.

Quick features:

  • Powerful engine: it has a powerful engine of 7 horsepower and is capable of running high voltage equipment easily. It can be used for office work as well as your home.
  • Low oil protection: it keeps the device safe and protects your engine from failing when the oil is low. The engine automatically turns off when the oil is too low with this feature.
  • Electric Start: DS4000E has an electric start system, which means it will start with only a button, and you don’t need to start it every time manually. The EZ pull recoil cord is also present, though, for your ease.
  • Fuel tank: DS4000E has a large fuel tank capacity of 4 gallons of oil, and it helps to keep the Generator running for a long time of 8 hours or more.
  • Multiple outlets: It features multiple outlets options with 20 amperes, two 120-volts, and 120/240-voltage 30-amp capabilities. This helps to connect different voltage appliances with it.
  • Power level: its power level is enough for running high power appliances at your home or office, and it is also good enough for running recreational vehicles.
  • Noise level: the noise level might increase 69 decibels, which is not a good thing, but mostly it doesn’t exceed it.
  • Multiple outlet options
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Easy to start
  • High power engine
  • Large fuel tank capacity
  • Impressive horsepower
  • Only 1-year warranty
  • Not CARB compliant



5. DuroStar DS5500EH 5500-Watt Electric Start Dual Fuel Hybrid Portable Generator

Durostar DS5500EH Dual Fuel Electric Start Portable GeneratorThe DuroStar Dual-Fuel Generator is powerful in the market today. It can be powered by both gasoline and propane. The dual-fuel capability of this Generator, along with its5500 peak watts, allows this Generator to be used wherever you need.

It also has 7.5 HP, which makes it incredible to use. It is not only affordable but also quite compact as well. It has a low oil shutoff, which helps to protect your engine. And it’s super quiet muffler helps in reducingthe noise produced by an engine.

It has EPA and CARB Compliance,which allows the engine to operate inall 50 States. It doesn’t need to be cleaned. Because liquid propane can be stored for years, unlike gasoline. So you need not worry about the durability of your engine.

Quick features:

  • Durable: DuroStar DS5500 EH is air-cooled, and it has a low oil shutoff, which keeps it safe and increases its durability. The steel frame is also good enough to make it last for a long period.
  • Propane: the clean running propane in the engine will not gum up and damage the carburetor of the engine. It is safe to use as unlike gasoline, propane can stay in the engine for years, and it won’t damage anything.
  • Run time: its run time with gasoline and propane is almost 8 hours, which is enough for you to keep your appliances running during a power breakdown.
  • Quiet muffler: this quiet muffler helps to reduce the noise created by the product and also doesn’t let the noise level to exceed 69 decibels.
  • Low oil protection: this keeps the device safe and protects your engine from failing when the oil is low. The engine is capable of turning off when the oil is too low with this feature.
  • Efficient: this Generator is very efficient, and it uses the oil accurately,which means less loss of fuel. It saves your money and can run for 8 hours straight.
  • Power: it has plenty of power. It has 5500 starting watts and 4500 running watts in it. And this equipment is perfect for your household appliances as well as providing surplus power on job sites.
  • Durable
  • Efficient
  • Electric start
  • Quiet muffler present
  • Low oil protection present
  • Can be used anywhere
  • 3-year warranty
  • May exceed the noise limit of 69 decibels sometimes



6. Durostar DS10000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Durostar DS10000EH Dual Fuel Portable GeneratorThe Durostar Hybrid Dual Fuel XP12000EH is an amazing generator to use. It comes with a 12,000 watts of starting power and 9,500 watts of running capacity. It doesn’t matter what your electrical power needs are, this is the type of portable Generator that will do the trick.

It has 18 horsepower, and it helps to run even the heavy appliances quite easily. It also has a circuit breaker installed in it that helps to protect it from the electrical fluctuations that may occur.

It also comes up with a transportation wheel kit, which makes it quite portable and also very easy to use. It can run up to 9 hours continuously and can also be used for heavy factory equipment. And it doesn’t even make a lot of noise with all its features.

Quick features:

  • Sturdy frame: it has a sturdy frame, and it has 4 point isolated motor mounts. Its frame makes it more durable and increases its lasting capability.
  • Power: it has a great and powerful engine, and it allows you to get max power from both 120-volt receptacles. It also allows you to choose between operating the Generator with 120V and 240V simultaneously.
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: it has a fuel tank capacity of 8.3 gallons for gasoline and 40 gallons for propane. More fuel tank capacity means more running time of the engine.
  • Run time: when the fuel tank capacity is so large, the run time capacity also increases. With gasoline, it can run up to 10 and a half hours, and with propane, it can almost run for nine hours.
  • Low oil shutoff: this helps to protect the engine when the engine is running low of oil and shuts off.
  • Quiet muffler: this feature helps to reduce the noise up to 69 decibels and makes it quieter. It becomes so low that even your neighbors won’t know if the Generator in your home is working or not.
  • Durable: this Generator is very durable and runs for a long period with a warranty of 3 years.
  • Durable
  • Electric start
  • Reliable
  • Low oil shut off
  • Plenty of power
  • Dual fuel technology
  • High fuel capacity
  • A little expensive
  • May exceed the limit of 69 decibels



7. Durostar DS10000E Gas Powered Portable Generator

Durostar DS10000E Gas Powered Portable GeneratorIf you’re looking for a good and conventional gas-powered heater, then DS10000E is quite a good option. It’s not only affordable but also very reliable. It is a very useful engine either for your office work or for running machinery on farms.

DS10000E comes with a power of 18HP, and it has the running wattage of  8000 and surge capacity of 10000 watts, which is enough for running high power appliances without a problem. This Generator can be used for running heavy machinery in factories as well.

It has all the features like AC DC regulators, spark arrestors, circuit breakers, and noise controllers. It is not only user-friendly but also very efficient and durable. It is an ideal traditional type of Generator.

Quick features:

  • Size: it is a normal-sized generator with the overall dimensions of 27.5H x 40L x 29W inches. It weighs 280lbs and might increase up to 320lbs when fuel is added.
  • Model: it has a heavy-duty frame with four motor mounts, which provides stability to the Generator as well as makes it smooth and quieter.
  • Portability: indeed, this Generator is heavy and bulky, but the wheel kit provided with it makes it easily portable.
  • Durable: DS10000E is very durable and efficient aswell. The cast-iron frame surrounds the Generator, which enables it to withstand the mechanical damages. It is also EPA and CARB approved.
  • Runtime: the runtime of this Generator is 10 hours at 50 percent load capacity. This means it can run the home appliances or farm machinery for a long period without refueling.
  • Tank capacity: the fuel tank capacity of this Generator is 8.3 gallons, which are good enough. Carrying 8.3 gallons of fuel means that we can run the Generator for a long time without refueling.
  • Power: the engine can provide the highest power of 10000 watts and running power of 8000 watts. This shows that the engine is quite powerful and efficient.
  • Dual start system
  • High power
  • Durable
  • High tank capacity
  • EPA and CARB approved
  • Can work for 10 hours straight
  • Very heavy



8. DuroStar DS4000S Gas Powered 4000 Watt Portable Generator RV Camping Standby

DuroStar DS4000S Gas Powered 4000 Watt Portable Generator - RV Camping StandbyDS4000S is a great generator for light-duty and emergency backup applications. It is very easy to operate and has a good power surge of 4000 watts and a running power of 3300 watts. What makes it perfect to use is its lightweight, efficiency, and affordability. Durostar is well known for its product’s durability as well.

This Generator will not only save you from the electrical disruption at your home, but you can also take it with you for camping purposes. It helps to run small appliances for a long period without trouble.

There is no electric start with this model, which was expected due to the budget. But conventional recoil rope method isn’t too bad itself. This Generator is good to use on a small scale. It has been declared the best durostar generator 2022 as well because of its efficiency and its powerful features.

Quick features:

  • Lightweight: this model of durostar is lightweight and weighs only 94lbs, which makes it easily portable and convenient to take it to places. The additional wheelset makes it very easy to move as well.
  • Engine: DS4000s has a quite powerful engine, and it is powered by 7.0 Hp. It is an air-cooled OHV engine that shuts off automatically when there’s low oil in the engine.
  • Power: this Generator has the running power of 3300 watts and the power surge of 4000 watts. It has enough power to run the home appliances easily.
  • Power panel: this panel allows you to select the outlets for maximum compatibility in your applications. It includes two 120V household outlets and one 120V 30A outlet.
  • Fuel tank capacity: it has a fuel tank capacity of almost 4 gallons, which allows it to work for more than 6 hours.
  • Low Oil Shutoff: this feature protects your engine by automatically shutting the Generator off when the oil is low.
  • Emission Standards: it is approved by both the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CARB (California Air Resources Board).
  • Compact
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Efficient
  • Portable
  • Good quality construction
  • No 240V or DC power
Overall, if we see, all the products of Durostar are very durable and approved by EPA and CARB. They use the best quality material in their products and make them very reliable. Another benefit of buying portable generators from Durostar is that they are easy to use.

They manufacture their products for elementary user operations. All of their portable generators feature low fuel turn off, noise dampers, and guards. This makes these generators safe and secure for anyone to use and operate.

So, if you’re looking for a portable generator, this article will help you choose the most suitable one for your use.