Top 4 Best Prymax Portable Solar Generator Reviews 2022

Best PrymaxPortable GeneratorIf you love camping or you are a traveling person, then choosing the Prymax portable power station generator would be the best option for you.

The generators of this brand will simply provide you with all the effective working hours. Moreover, you can enjoy your precious camping moments with your loved ones without any power failure issues.

Also, you can easily charge your other kinds of electronic devices on the go when you have the best Prymax portable generator in your hands.

Although, with the help of the upgraded high capacity along with the feature of a variety outputs, you will find extra benefits and support to help you to power more devices exactly at the same time conveniently.

Thus, we know people from throughout the world faces different kinds of atmosphere, such as sudden power failure due to hurricane emergency, or maybe there is something more critical situation in your area which may cut down all the electrical power for a longer time of period, then this generator will help you a lot.

You can even use the portable generators for your outdoor activities, like camping or wherever you may need to charge your electric devices.

Just switch on the generator, and there you go.

Furthermore, you can even use the solar power energy system to charge the generator easily and it will become a kind of a portable solar generator.

No more need for fuels, no further terrible noise, such a light in weight and easy to carry portable generators by Prymax.


PRYMAX Portable Power Station, 300W Solar Generator  298Wh CPAP Backup Battery Pack
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PRYMAX Portable Power Station 555Wh Solar Generator 500W CPAP Backup Lithium Battery Pack 

PRYMAX Portable Power Station 167Wh Solar Generator Backup Battery Pack Power Supply

PRYMAX Portable Power Station 178Wh Solar Generator CPAP Backup Battery Pack


1. PRYMAX Portable Power Station, 300W Solar Generator  298Wh CPAP Backup Battery Pack

PRYMAX Portable Power Station 300W Solar Generator 2019 Updated 298Wh CPAP Backup Battery Pack with LED Flashlight 110V 300W Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet QC3.0 USB for Outdoors Camping Travel EmergencyThis is the prymax portable power station that can make alive your dead batteries, chargers, mobiles, and much more within an effective power source. However, this is one kind of portable generator available in the market to gives you all the important features such as its updated lithium battery cells.

And of course, this power station offers you with its 298Wh powerful enough capability to further charge a smartphone over to the next 40 times, 32″ TVs 5+ hours, laptops 7-8 times, CPAP 4+ nights(while using DC converter), lights or even though, other small appliances, and as well as mini-refrigerator 5+ hours.

Thus, this is not the end yet, this prymax portable power station 300w solar generator also comes with the rated power of around 300W while it will give you its peak surge power of around 600W.

You can now enjoy your camping, outdoor activities and can able even charge your other electronic items while using this single portable generator which is extremely light in weight and so easy to carry from one place to another.

And yes, it has made with the features of super multiple ports, and this portable Prymax power bank has been equipped with a lot more other richer ports as compared to others.

It may offer you with the qualities like 2* AC output ports(pure sine wave), as well as 3* DC ports(12&24V output, 19V input), and 2* 5V 3.1A USB ports, whereas, it also has 1* 5V3A/9V2A type-c quick charge port, and 1* 12/8A cigarette lighter port, to further provide you all the benefits and meets all of your needs.

Quick features:

  • Very easy to handle: all thanks to its higher portability and lightweight option, which makes the generator super portable to move from one place to another without any issue.
  • Run safely: yes, of course, the generator can run safely without showing any complications at all. However, there would be its 2 pure sine wave AC outlets which may further deliver safety charger support for your other sensitive devices.
  • Better than others: there would be no doubt to say that this portable generator device is more powerful and extremely better in performance as compared to the others.
  • Built-in other features: it also has built-in with the feature of Smart and Silent Cooling Fan, and these features will simply and automatically turn on the fan at the moment when the unit tuns hotter so that your generator may stay harmless and protected.
  • Low noise: with the help of its low-noise and gas-free design, you will find a lot more attractions and environmentally friendly generators.
  • Light in weight
  • Extremely portable
  • Gass free design
  • Low noise
  • Not suitable for big electronic items.



2. PRYMAX Portable Power Station 555Wh Solar Generator 500W CPAP Backup Lithium Battery Pack 

PRYMAX Portable Power Station 555Wh Solar Generator 500W CPAP Backup Lithium Battery Pack with LED Flashlight 110V 500W Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet QC3.0 USB for Outdoors Camping Travel RV Power OutageHere come the best prymax portable power station reviews, well, here you can find out the best features of this portable generator which can offer you with some ultimate qualities and superior power to lighten up your dark nights and allow you to charge your electronic items as well without any difficulty easily.

However, this is not just suitable for outdoor activities, but as well as, with the help of its updated lithium battery cells may simply provide you with 555Wh and for sure, that would be enough power to charge up your smartphone by 60 times over easily, and also it can easily charge your laptops 10+ times, while 32″ TVs 8+ hours, and much more other small appliances.

This portable generator is able to further support the other equipment along with the max rated power that would be around 500W, and as well as it can provide you with the max surge power 1000W.

So, next time when you are ready to explore the world through some camping time or overnight plans with your friends, don’t forget to keep this generator with you.

Furthermore, it can also provide you with some various features like 2 pure sine wave AC outlets, which offers you pure security to get a safer charge for all of your other sensitive devices, and of course, it would be better as compared to that modified sine wave.

Quick features:

  • Built-in smart and silent cooling fan: yes, with the help of these built-in features, your generator will automatically operate and simply turn on the fan just exactly at the time when it gets to hotter so that the generator may turn cold and maintain the temperature.
  • Low noise extreme feature: with the help of its low noise feature, you will experience a pure silent moment while the generator is busy working.
  • Gas free design: the gas-free design will simply provide you with the most environmentally friendly structure so that you can use it just the way you want.
  • Portable and compact: extremely lightweight design, portable, and compact structure make you fall in love with the generator for sure.
  • 3 ways rechargeable: so, this portable generator is offering you with its 3 ways of rechargeable feature by which you can easily recharge it without any fear.
  • Solar generator: of course, this one can be able to further recharge from the light of the sun, this would be your best option to utilize this generator now.
  • Portable and compact
  • Gas free design
  • Low noise feature
  • Solar charge generator
  • It is yet very expensive at the price rates.



3. PRYMAX Portable Power Station 167Wh Solar Generator Backup Battery Pack Power Supply

PRYMAX Portable Power Station 167Wh Solar Generator Backup Battery Pack Power Supply with LED Flashlight,110V 100W(Peak 200W) AC Outlet QC3.0 USB for Outdoors Camping Travel EmergencyYou will surely love to use this 167Wh Portable Power Station generator which has come up with its updated lithium battery cells, and offering you with the advanced 167Wh power that would be surely enough for charging up your phones, tablets, pads, GPS, laptop, camera, walkie-talkie, Gopro, drone, camping explore devices, festivals bulbs, and so much more. Now you can enjoy the grid life, hunting moments, travel, fishing, and much more.

However, Prymax portable power station has been specially made with a lot newer features and advanced developments to make it furthermore beneficial for your everyday use. Also, it has now other richer ports as compared to those older generators.

Moreover, itoffering you with including 2* AC rated 100W output ports (pure sine wave), 3*USB quick charge ports(2* 5V3.1A, 1* 5V3A 9V2A), 2* DC ports(9V~12.6A output, 15V2A input), 1* type-c output port(5V3A/9V2A), 1*diffuse light(100 lumens), 2* spotlights(100 lumens), packed with full features to full fill your needs.

Thus, it may also provide you with the options of 3 ways of recharging, such as wall charger by which your portable power station can be able to charge within 6-7 hours once you plug it into the wall outlet. The second way would be its solar charge possibility by which it can be able to charge through the sunlight.

And it can also be charged via the Car Charger, this portable generator can be able to charge within 6 to 7 hours just through a car charger. This is the most reliable and portable generator for you to make your outdoor activities full of fun and excitement.

Quick features:

  • 3 ways of recharging: of course, the best part about this generator is its 3 ways of charging ability, it can be charged through a wall outlet, a car charger, and as well as through sunlight.
  • Light in weight: yes, it is extremely light in weight. If you not sure which generator to buy, then we suggest you pick up this one as it is compact in its size and also very light in weight.
  • Quiet and safe: it is really quiet in sound and safe to use, the whole generator has made with all the important features to make your other electronic devices safe and fully charged.
  • Battery management system: with the help of this feature, it can control the temperature, enables voltage, and provide no harm to your other devices.
  • Super multiple ports: yes, it is packed with the feature of super multiple ports so that you can find a lot more benefits and simple, useful ports.
  • Compact in design
  • Quiet and no harm
  • Multiple ports
  • Solar rechargeable
  • The overall quality is average.



4. PRYMAX Portable Power Station 178Wh Solar Generator CPAP Backup Battery Pack

PRYMAX Portable Power Station 178Wh Solar Generator CPAP Backup Battery Pack with LED Flashlight,110V 150W(Peak 200W) Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet QC3.0 USB for Outdoors Camping Travel EmergencyPryMAX portable power station offers you with so many new features and advanced qualities to make the product more powerful. However, it may also provide you with 178Wh and for sure, that is really an ideal option for your outdoor and even indoor activities. You can go camping, fishing, hunting, outdoor gatherings, and much more.

Since there is no gasoline required and as well as no need for toxic fumes, that’s why this Prymax power supply turns out to be extremely safe and useful for inside the house, tent, and even in the car.

This Prymax generator has packed with 178Wh portable feature to become extra grateful. This is so useful for all of your media to small size appliances and devices.

If you are worried about how to charge your phone or tablet or even other electronic devices when there is no light in your house, then this portable generator would be here for you to give you a very close helping hand and charge your devices like in no time.

Whenever you are going camping or other outdoor activity and have no power in your charger, camera, phone, etc., then this portable generator will be becoming the most useful product ever. So, why are you waiting for? you can full fill all of your needs while having this lightweight generator in your hands.

Quick features:

  • Portable and lightweight: of course, you will love to have this portable yet lightweight generator in your backpack at the moment of camping or other outdoor activities.
  • Battery capacity: well, this generator offers you the battery capacity of 178Wh/48000mAh, so that it can give you more and more benefits like never before.
  • LED lights: yes, it is packed with LED lights of 100 lumens to make it more attractive and useful for your daily needs.
  • Optional rechargeable ways: of course, this portable generator offers you with 3 ways of rechargeable qualities, so that you can charge it just the way you want.
  • Bright LED flashlight: yes, it has made with the powerful LED light that is also built-in. Moreover, it also has three lighting modes.
  • Built-in BMS feature: well, this portable generator has packed with BMS protection function, and that’s how this one gives you more advantages and benefits.
  • LED lights
  • BMS feature
  • 3 ways of recharge
  • Powerful battery capacity
  • It makes noise.
That’s the end of the best Prymax portable generator reviews.

We hope you like the reviews here, and if you want to make your electronic items alive and recharge them easily at your next camping, then choose one of these portable prymax generators now…

So, why are you waiting for? pick up the best prymax portable generator from our above-mentioned products and make sure to leave us a comment here in our below section.